Fitness by Dot
Dot Spaet, Speaker
  in Marin and the Bay Area
Dot is a sought after speaker; audiences love her for her passion, knowledge and enthusiasm. She is easy to listen to, engaging, funny, incredibly informative.
If you belong to a group that brings in speakers, invite Dot to present. You will be glad that you did. Dot has a way of making her material simple and accessible; people walk away with specific tools that help them make changes that work.
Dot Spaet - Personal Trainer in Novato, San Rafael, Marin 80% of the population experiences back pain at some point. Most people do not know what they can do to get their own back pain to go away or what to do to stop getting reinjured. Dot's work is unique in that she utilizes her troubleshooting skills to analyze your body and figures out exactly what it takes to get your particular body out of pain. This is incredibly empowering since not only do you end up pain-free, you now know the specific actions to take to keep your back healthy.

Get Out of Back Pain
In this presentation your audience will learn how to:

  • have freedom of movement so you can do the activities you want to do
  • move so there is no pain in your back or neck
  • have more and more moments of no pain
  • make your back strong and better
  • have flexibility
Nutrition Guidelines for a Pain-free Body and Vibrant Health
In this presentation your audience will learn:
  • what foods will give you more energy
  • how to eat to keep inflammation and pain away
  • some surprises on foods to avoid

About Dot Spaet:
Dot has an Engineering background and is known for solving problems that others can't solve. She has a BA degree in Mathematics from UC Berkeley and has studied the human body for 35 years. She is truly and Engineer of the human body.

Dot had her own bout with debilitating sciatica that neither her doctor nor physical therapist was able to fix. She used her superb analytical skills to figure out what what was causing it and healed herself completely within a few months.

She has gone on to receive 10 distinct certifications to support her knowledge of the body, and is totally committed and passionate about helping other people heal their back and sciatic pain. Dot has a 90% success rate helping people get rid of their back pain.

To Book Dot:
Contact Nancy Fox
or call 707 235-9878
Dot Spaet is part of a great group of Bay Area speakers. See Access Speakers

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