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My clients call me upbeat, inspiring and motivational. They praise the way I take time to really listen and understand their fitness goals and needs.
But don’t just take my word for it.

Read some client testimonials for Fitness by Dot and Dot Spaet:

dot Dear Dot,
Just sending a late-night e-mail to tell you that after our session last Thursday, during which you put me through several great stretches and yoga type moves, I had an additional beneficial bonus! I had been having a mild nagging knee twinge for the past 2 weeks, (I didn't even think to mention it to you) which I would feel while getting in and out of the car, bending down, etc, and had no idea how it started. Well, the day after your workout with me, the twinge was gone! Not just decreased, but gone completely! I was getting in the car, and was expecting it to happen, and NOTHING! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You are amazing--you eliminated my pain without even knowing it was there in the first place! Awesome! -- Lianne O., Novato

dot Dot is incredible. Working with her since Feb 2013 resulted in my canceling a major back operation. I have been in tremendous pain and taking major pain medicine since 2009. The exercise program she has devised to help eliminate back pain is working and the narcotic pain meds have given way to Advil. She takes the time to customize the program so you work correctly and effectively. Dot has constructed a program that works!!!! I highly, highly recommend her if you want to eliminate your pain. December 5, 2013 --Warrenetta L., Novato

dotIn short, Dot's knowledge and expertise is spot on. I am so grateful that, in my desperation, hobbling on crutches, unable to sit, stand or walk,she was able to right from my first session to help me control and reduce back-related pain with severe sciatica, and eventually help me to relieve pain entirely. When pain returned, I knew exactly why,what I had done or not done,and could make the necessary stretching, positioning and adjustments that she taught me to dead stop it! She considered all aspects of my activities of daily living to either make use of or adapt for healing the back. Her descriptions and explanations are great 'visuals' that helped me really understand the concepts and remember to use them.
Unlike other practitioners who have a set routine and practice for one and all, Dot assesses each individual and makes recommendations based on that individual's anatomy, movements, specific symptoms and location of pain. She was intently observant of how I moved, the shape and form of my body, what actions made symptoms better or worse and what stretches and positions that she recommended that were more or less effective. She changed the routines based on effectiveness, progress and my physiological readiness for the next steps.
I am a Registered Nurse, so her knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology was very impressive to me. She made wonderful notes based on what she taught me each session, so that I could refer to them, and not rely on a memory compromised by pain and medications. Helping those in pain seems to be a mission for her! I have my life back due to Dot Spaet! I am ever so grateful to her.--Mary Ann A., Novato

dotDot's gentle method of stretching and strength building has given me a new way to live, move and work within my body, without pain. Dot has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the body and pain. With Dot, I'm always fascinated by her knowledge, awed by her patience, always learning and most importantly, always having fun! - Margaret B., Novato.

dotI came as an experiment-I was skeptical. I thought I already knew all the stretches for sciatica and they weren't working. Your class is so creative, exercises are really outside the box! You're very intuitive and really custom-fit for each person's issues. Thank you! -- Ellen F., San Rafael program participant

dotDot is not only highly skilled in many aspects of fitness, be it yoga, pilates. strength training, etc., but her understanding of my issues with back pain and other problems that come up from time to time make her sessions work for me with great success.  I feel stronger, more flexible and most importantly, my back has never been better!  -- Harriet R., San Rafael

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dotI feel better from doing yoga I’ve done with you, than from all my years of working out in a gym. I hadn’t been able to sleep on this shoulder for 2 years and now I can. My back is better, my legs are stronger, my abs are tighter, I have more energy, I feel younger. -- Keith G., Novato

dotI think I’m in the best and strongest shape I’ve been in for at least 30-40 years thanks to your classes. You’ve helped strengthen my core which has helped my chronic back and sciatic issues. My posture has improved.
You are a positive force in many people’s lives and you should be proud of what you give to us. Your attitude and spirit shine strongly though your work making your classes more than just exercise. --Nancy F., San Rafael

dotWe had an appointment that was awesome.  You showed me the plank for sides and front abs. I'm seeing an incredible difference...Some things that were beginning not to fit look great again. Thank you so much! –- Melinda C., San Rafael

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dotI bought the book you recommended…replacing wheat carbs with non gluten products and really not doing the sugar is making a huge difference…The water, bloat and some weight are just melting off…I am starting to feel thinner as I did before my late 40’s. WOW. I am continuing exercise as well. Thanks for your never ending encouragement!! -- Katie Ketchum, Santa Rosa.

dotMy hip does not hurt. It did not hurt all night. I feel so good. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You make me feel so good. My hip feels good, my back feels good. Thank you again Dot. -- Rosie P.

dotI can’t believe how much better my shoulders are since I started working with you. -- Ruth B.