Yoga for Back Care

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Benefits of Private Yoga!
Fitness by Dot offers Studio appointments in Novato
or your location throughout Marin


Yoga is for you if you:

* wake up stiff in the morning
* are losing what flexibility you once had if any
* you have a stressful life

Many people use yoga instead of a gym workout to stay in fabulous shape.
Why not try it out?

* Work at your own pace.
* Program written especially for you.
* Private Novato home studio.
* OR the comforts of your own home (depends on location).

Some of yoga's multitudinous benefits include:

* lower blood pressure
* increased flexibility
* better posture
* pain relief for most joints including back, hips, knees
* enhanced sports performance
* reduction in asthma symptoms
* better sleep
* enhanced relaxation
* relief of depression and anxiety
* drastic reduction in carpal tunnel symptoms

If you have ever wondered about Yoga and class format is just not for you, private yoga may be the answer.
Dot Spaet is a

dotCertified Yoga Instructor


dotCertified Personal Trainer

dotCertified Pilates Instructor

dotSpecialist in Yoga for Back Care

As a Novato Private Yoga Instructor, she is passionate about fitness and loves empowering others to attain the fitness level they desire.

For Marin Yoga Classes click here.

dotI feel better from doing yoga I’ve done with you, than from all my years of working out in a gym. I hadn’t been able to sleep on this shoulder for 2 years and now I can. My back is better, my legs are stronger, my abs are tighter, I have more energy, I feel younger. -- Keith G., Novato

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