Personal Training in Marin

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Personal Trainer in Marin
Fitness by Dot offers Studio appointments in Novato
and some locations in Marin
I do personal training for all ages, all fitness levels and all types of fitness goals. We can set a fitness personal training appointment in my studio in Novato, or, if you prefer, I can bring the personal training to your location anywhere in Marin.

With my background in strength training, yoga and Pilates, I creatively draw on various disciplines to design the right program with you. And with my extensive nutrition knowledge, I can provide you with important information that can help you maximize your new fitness routine. You’ll learn about and incorporate all components of fitness, not just one – strength, flexibility, cardio health and nutrition.

dotPersonal strength training in Marin: We’ll use free weights, machines, elastic bands or whatever you have on hand to strengthen and tone your muscles. We’ll make sure to do exercises that you enjoy – there’s no point in having you do a particular exercise if you can’t stand doing it. There is always more than one way to tone and strengthen muscles.

dotPersonal yoga training in Marin: I focus primarily on the Hatha yoga style, which emphasizes breathing exercises, concentration and different combinations of postures that stretch and lengthen the body. I also incorporate some poses from the Iyengar style as well as the Bikram style.

dotPersonal yoga therapy in Marin: For those suffering from chronic pain, we can use a gentle form of yoga to help ease the pain and stimulate healing.

dotPersonalized Pilates in Marin: My Pilates style emphasizes the mat, not specific equipment such as the Reformer. With the mat-based exercises, we are able to strengthen your core muscles, which help improve posture, flexibility and overall strength.

dotPersonal cardio exercise in Marin: Together we’ll find the cardio workout that not only gets your heart rate up but gets you excited. My Novato Personal Training can even include hiking Mt. Burdell, dancing, walking, bicycling – the possibilities are endless.

dotPersonal nutrition in Marin: I’ll draw upon my extensive nutrition knowledge to help you make healthy eating choices that complement and enhance your fitness routine.

You CAN be in better shape!
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