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Hate the gym? Prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home or a private studio? No problem. Fitness by Dot will do either: my Novato studio or your home.

The first session usually lasts 90 minutes, and you’ll leave with guidelines and details about your program. Subsequent sessions are generally one hour long.

Click on Appointments on the green menu bar and you will be taken to our scheduling software. Click on the appointment tab and choose 1 1/2 hours for our initial meeting. Then click on available white space and the system will allow you to register, create a login and password and complete your booking. You will receive an email from the system 2 days before with the location of our appointment.

Before our first meeting, please complete: Health History and Goals Questionnaire, also available on the Forms page. If you are coming for weight loss please also download and fill out the 3 Day Food Diary. Please fill the forms out and email forms, or fax them back to 888 899-3321. These help me to begin thinking of the type of program that will be right for you. During our first meeting, we’ll discuss your goals and I’ll then work with you to design a program that perfectly fits your interests and needs.

Your personalized fitness program may incorporate elements of Yoga, Pilates and strength-training depending on your goals and exercise tastes.

You CAN be more fit!
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How often we meet is up to you. Most of my clients work out with me once a week and follow their programs during the other days. Other clients meet with me once every few weeks for a fine-tuning of their workout programs.

I generally meet with clients during the day, at a time that is convenient for them.