Personal Training in Marin

Does your back hurt?
Would you like to be out of pain?


We've put together a program with great bonuses
so you can get out of pain and then regain your freedom!

5 Weeks to a Pain-Free Back

For In-Home Private Program, click HERE

  Current Group Program:
5 small group sessions, 1 1/2 hours each: $750 value
1 private, 1 1/2 hour sessions with Dot: $350 value
Get Out of Back Pain for Good! emanual: $25 value
Almost 5 hours packed with info about nutrition and how it affects inflammation and pain (telecall series): $375 value
9 hours and priceless information
Total $1450 value

  You will learn how to:
  • Decrease your back and neck pain, on your own
  • Bend in a way that does not hurt your back or neck
  • Stop doing what is re-injuring your back
  • Sit comfortably at your computer for hours
  • Identify the 3 key elements you need to know in order to make your pain go away permanently
  • Get an action plan for your unique situation
  • Empower yourself-facilitate your own healing!

      Program Dates:
Beginning April 2017
Location: Novato, details will be sent upon receipt of registration.

If you have participated in a Back Program with us before, come back for a refresher - even one session can do wonders! Contact Dot for current location and so that we know you are coming.
If you've been to a Free Back Workshop you are already familiar with a few moves - come learn more!
If you are new to this work, you may want to come to our free 2 hour workshop, Top 3 Keys to End Your Back Pain, or sign up for this amazing program now.

Must contact Dot to apply: or call 415-892-6605

100% money-back guarantee:
If, after working the whole program, you feel it was not worth your time or investment, we will refund your money.