Personal Training in Marin

Do you know what to eat for breakfast?
Would you like more energy and less pain?

Join me and learn

Nutrition Guidelines
for a
Pain-free Body

Informative 2 Hour Workshop

This Workshop is for you if you:
  • have questions about food
  • want to know what not to eat
  • want to have more energy
  • want to learn how food affects inflammation and pain.

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During this Workshop, Dot will speak about:
  • What foods will give you more energy and I'm not referring to coffee!
  • How to eat to keep inflammation and pain away
  • Some surprises on foods to avoid
  • a question and answer period for your particular food concerns
  • and so much more
Don't miss this valuable opportunity!
Comments from some past participants:
Your class is excellent. Great information. Excellent suggestions and fabulous problem solving. Takes practical life and time constraints into account. Great!! - Joanne M., ND, Novato

Excellent and vital information delivered in an easy to understand format. Your enthusiasm for the material is infectious. Great stuff, bravo! - Owen K., Petaluma

Dot brings energy, enthusiasm, commitment and integrity. She is a living testament to her healthy lifestyle. Clearly she walks her talk and loves her work. She's a fun teacher giving us so much essential information that I'm excited to actualize. - Taffy D., San Rafael